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Did I have fun?  Hell, yes.  I still can’t believe I, the confirmed acrophobic, was up high off the ground on a tightrope and I made it around the course without even thinking about my fear of heights.  The combination of concentration and growing confidence is intoxicating and makes me want to do the course again.  The eight-year old had to be dragged away and promised a return trip and my nephew and his schoolmate are still buzzing from the high of well….being high up and feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  In short, the course is a confidence-booster, a perfect team-building exercise and a fun playground….. it’s exhilarating, it’s adventure, and according to the 8-year old, it’s for all ages.....and it’s close by.  At last there’s something new and exciting to do around Suva on the weekends.

Adrienne Ali
Colonial Fiji

I had the most exciting time at the Kila Adventure park. A very thrilling adventure in deed and hope to return with more friends to enjoy the rest of the exciting high ropes activities. Flying Fijian was awesome and a big thank you to the Kila Adventure park team who made my visit enjoyable.

Kelera Serelini
Fiji Times Ltd

Wow what an adventure, my legs and knees were really shaking but the calm and trust worthy guides talked me through my adventure around the high wires. I challenged my fear of heights and I felt a real sense of accomplishment once I had finished, I felt I had grown a little more as a person and knew that I could achieve or overcome anything after that!"

Sachiko Miller
VOU Dancer and Singer

"I had a good , and enjoyable Valentine weekend at Kila World. The site I found to be more fun than riding merry go-rounds during Hibiscus festival. I really had fun on the Giant Swing the fact that I had to shout that 'I am a warrior princess". lolz!!!. I also liked climbing up the "leap of faith" even though I couldn't reach out for the big orange ball but I manage to sit on top of the pole. My favourite part was the flying Fijian. Thank you Kila World team for providing us with your wonderful hospitality and GOD BLESS you and your company may it prosper.

Anasilini Ratuva
Fiji Sun

The Giant Swing and Leap of Faith is a "must do".
The thrill of excitement when jumping off that 18 meter pole screaming your heart out. 
The Kila Team was also very encouraging and made things happen.

Oceanic Communication

Loved the obstacle cause that the Low Ropes provided at Kila world!

Susana Ledua
Oceanic Communications

All activities was awesome!!! with the staff cheering for you and encouraging you, I couldn't have done it without them. I can't wait to take my family there, for a team building experience. 
thanks Kila World!!! 

Emily Nainoca
Oceanic Communications

“Kila World lives up to the hype!
It was hard to get some of our team members to come… but once we got there and started the low ropes & spiderweb exercises everybody was participating and having a blast.  These are great for teambuilding.  The high ropes and zip line are great for expanding your personal boundaries & overcoming fears.  Most exciting was the giant swing… I can’t wait to go back and take my kids too!”

Travis Finseth 
Oceanic Communications




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