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Our corporate programs are customized specifically to the needs of the client. 

Prior to running a program, our planners and facilitators consult with the client to establish the aims of the program and the ways in which we can ensure that the client’s desired outcomes are met or exceeded. All sessions can incorporate a debriefing discussion to help understand and identify learning.

We use Adventure Learning, with team activities and personal challenges, to teach individuals how to identify the strengths they bring to a team and to face and overcome their fears. High and low ropes activities, together with team exercises, build the trust level within the team and develop leadership skills.

The program is flexible and subject to change by agreement. Please feel free to suggest any changes to content or timing. Our wish is to design a program that will provide maximum benefit to the participants and meet the goals of the customer. We encourage the development of leadership potential through the use of activities that allow participants to explore different roles in a secure environment.

Aims of the program:

  • Develop and build trust
  • Establish lines of open communication
  • Build respect at all levels
  • Encourage members to take on responsibility
  • Help all team members understand themselves and others better

What will your group learn to do together?

  • Support and encourage each other
  • Gain new appreciation for each team members contributions and strengths
  • Experience the powerful relationship between trust, risk and results
  • Develop confidence and courage
  • Experience the value of effective communication

Also see our Corporate Rates Brochure and read our testimonials.

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